Custom Design & Lettering

Everything I create starts with a hand-drawn sketch. This is how I develop truly custom and truly unique designs. My aesthetic is informed by 120+ years of sign painting and hand-lettering history. I specialize in hand-drawn script (no fonts!). So if you need a logo or custom lettering, please email me for more info.

​Elevation design mock-up for TikTok Times Square office mural   ···  
​Custom script lettering logo for Ciao, Gloria   ···  
​Custom lettering for Alcove   ···  
​Hand-drawn script logotype concepts for Marian's   ···  
​Custom logo and billboard design for The Ox Tavern   ···  
​Poster design, personal project   ···  
​Custom designed sign for a dive bar, personal project   ···  
​Sketch-to-finished-sign for Paul's Daughter   ···  
​Animated illustration, personal project   ···  
​Sketches and final logo for Carmenta's   ···  
​Custom script lettering for Bleeker Street Beat   ···  
​Various paper signs incorporating custom, hand-drawn designs   ···  
​Martini Man animated loop, personal project   ···  
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